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Common Questions

How long until I receive my Tax Refund?

Once you complete your Tax Return with us (either over the phone or in person), we have one of our accountants double check it for
accuracy as we like to be thorough. Then we lodge it with the ATO.
Processing times after that are out of our control unfortunately. The average time for Tax Refund processing is 14-21 business days. It’s always great when that happens but the ATO do set aside some tax returns for manual processing. And delays can happen! This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your Tax Return, but it can mean the process for your refund is delayed. If this happens we are only advised 30 days after it’s lodged. If you would like us to check on your refund progress after this point, or have any concerns, please get in touch.

You can also read more about it on the ATO website.

Can I lodge my Tax Return before the lodgement date has opened?

The only time you can do this is if you are not going to work for the rest of the financial year.

Tax returns submitted like this are processed manually by the ATO.

They may also contact your employers.

Because of the more involved processing, if you’re due a refund it can take up to 3 months to be released.

Patience! Please get in touch if you would like us to lodge your Tax Return early.

This is the first time I have done a business tax return and I have no idea what to do. Please help!

No worries. We are forever dealing with people in this situation. However the worst thing is to keep putting it off.
Give us a call or drop us an email to have a chat to one of our
accountants or make an appointment for a free consultation. We’re always happy to give advice, but it’s best done over the phone or in person to make sure it is suited to you individual situation.

We appreciate new businesses can be hectic and tax returns are probably the last thing on your mind. The good thing is we can put things in place to keep it nice and simple for you.

What documents do I need to complete my business tax return?

Sole trader:

  • ABN / TFN
  • Income and expenses (spreadsheet or your
  • bookkeeping software)


  • Copy of financials
  • Balance sheet
  • ACN
  • Asset Register

Do I need to register to pay GST?

You only need to register if you will be turning over more than $75,000 in one financial year.

You must be registered to charge GST.

If you wish to register and/or need help with your BAS, please get in touch.

I’m self-employed and have paid personal superannuation
contributions all year. What can I claim?

Provided that you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you will be able to claim a deduction for the contributions you have made to a
complying superannuation fund or retirement savings account.

To do so you must be fully self-employed or no more than 10% of your assessable income (including Reportable Fringe Benefits and Reportable Superannuation Contributions) is from an employer.
You must also have first notified your superannuation fund of your intention to make the claim and received a confirmation

How much Tax do I have to pay?

How long is a piece of string? It depends on many factors, including income, spouse, kids, Medicare Levy, investments, allowable deductible expenses and insurances.

If you would like a ball park figure try the ATO tax calculator.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss your situation please get in touch.

Do I have to lodge all my PAYGs?

Indeed you do! All income must be declared.

ATO have released my refund but I haven’t received it, why?

If you deferred our fee to have it taken from your refund, it takes us up to 48 hours for us to process it. Your bank can then take
another 48 hours to process it.

All up allow 4 business days from when the ATO pays you for the money to hit your account. If this doesn’t answer your query please get in touch.

I have not received my refund, and I am going to get evicted so desperately need the money. Can you help?

In cases such as this it is possible to submit a hardship request to the ATO. This is a request to release your funds.

To do this we need supporting documentation, for example an eviction notice or demand notice. If approved by the ATO, the refund can still take 14 days or more to be processed.

In genuine scenarios like this it is best to act quickly to get the ball rolling.

What documents do I need to complete my personal tax return?

  • Private Health Insurance Certificate
  • Group Certificate
  • PAYG Summaries
  • Rental Income Details
  • Shares and Investment Details
  • Receipts, Log Books, Diaries, Statements etc to show any claimable deductions
  • Government Payment Details
  • Bank Interest Details
  • Bank Details for your refund

Is it complicated to set up a Self Managed Super Fund?

Not as hard as you might be led to believe. But, as SMSF’s are
tailored to each individual, it’s near impossible to offer blanket advice.

Get in touch and we can book you a free consultation to discuss you options. Never any pressure, but good to get some information isn’t it?

What kind of insurance do you provide?

When you complete your personal tax return with us you have the option to add on audit insurance, which means we will provide the associated accountancy services free of charge if you are audited.

In addition, our partner companies offer insurance advice tailored to individual need. They are specialists in Income Protection
Insurance. If you are interested in purchasing insurance call us today on 1300 TAX SHOP.

How much will your services cost me outside of your tax return services?

Not an arm and a leg that’s for sure! We pride ourselves on
transparency in all our client relationships, which means we agree our costs up front. None of the old fashioned, feeling afraid to call your accountant because you’ll be on the clock!
By keeping transparent about everything we do, it ensures you know what you’re paying for, and we have to work hard for your money. It also means we can keep the costs for our services low, whilst maintaining optimum quality of service.

Call in for a free consultation if you would like us to take you through the options.